Monday, July 12, 2010

House of Councillors Election 2010 - Proportional Disaster

With 97% of the voted counted, the results in the proportional half of yesterday's election were:

In 2004, the DPJ won 21,137,458 of 55,931,787 votes.

In 2007, it won 23,256,242 of 58,913,679 votes.

Just over 18 million this time around.



jaichind said...

LDP got 24.07% of the party list vote. Based on what I know this is the worst result of the LDP in a party list vote ever. It is even worse than the 2009 elections. Of course, the Sunrise Party, and New Renaissance all took votes away from the LDP which did not exist in 2009. Also Your Party took more LDP votes than it did in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Is it a given that Your Party only takes votes from LDP?

The feeling I had was that they stole some "seiken koutai" thunder from last year, and their success yesterday mostly came at the expense of the DPJ.