Monday, July 12, 2010

House of Councillors Election 2010 - After Sunrise

1) Ho-Ho-Ho - After belittling the Sunrise Party of Hiranuma Takeo last night, saying that his party will not win a seat, late calculations have proven me wrong. The Sunrise Party (Tachiagare Nippon) won the hearts of 1.3 million voters, which is just enough (2.2%) of the vote to win one seat.

The New Renassance Party also managed to eke out 1.3 million votes and thus a seat. Unfortunately, the party had five of its members up for reelection.

2) Turnout - was a respectable 57.98% of the electorate. Nothing spectacular but not too shabby, given recent trends.

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jaichind said...

Looking at party list vote. It is DPJ 31.56% and LDP 24.07%. In 2004 it was DPJ 37.8% and LDP 30%. Note the gap between the two went from 7.8% to 7.49%, almost no change. It seems all those LDP splinter party's, like Sunrise, Renaissance, PNP, and Your Party, all took votes from the two parties equally.