Thursday, November 20, 2008

More on the Death Penalty

In addition to David McNeill's Japan Focus article, which I linked to in an addendum to my last post, here are a few more online docs regarding the death penalty in Japan:

- An interview with House of Representatives member Kamei Shizuka, perhaps Japan's most prominent opponent of the death penalty. Recall that Kamei is a former National Policy Agency official and was the head of the "leftist extremist crimes" division at the time of the Asano Sansō Incident.

Kamei Shizuka's profile can be found here.

- The list of countries that have abolished or retain the use of the death penalty, courtesy Amnesty International.

- The various lawyers associations throughout Japan produce press releases and commentaries after every execution. Here is a Google search that kicks out a host of links (Nihongo only).

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