Friday, November 14, 2008

From Where the Birds Fly

A few months ago, Tobias Harris speculated about the ramifications of a missile attack on the Yokosuka naval bases.

Since Mr. Harris seems to have used an embed for his post, the image in his post no longer conforms with his captioning.

However, the current extremely high-resolution image of Yokosuka spliced into Google Maps renders his speculation about temptation even more salient. On the U.S. side of the main harbor I count six guided missile destroyers (one in dry dock), one guided missile cruiser, two Los Angeles-class Oyashio-class attack submarines and one possibly Seawolf-class attack submarine (I am guessing it is the U.S.S. Jimmy Carter). Five hundred meters away on the Japanese side of the main harbor is the Aegis destroyer Kirishima, plus the Murasame, the Takanami, the Ōnami and the Hatakaze.

Holy Moly, that is a lot of firepower to have in one place...and that is just the main harbor. There are two more MSDF destroyers and an MSDF submarine at the Nagaura anchorage and something I cannot identify out in the channel.

It's hell of a shot, to speak.

Later - An imagery specialist checks in in comments and gently tells me I am full of it points out possible errors.

I have made changes in the above to reflect the commenter's suggestions.


REM said...

I hate to be a pedant, but the portion of the American base which faces to the southwest actually houses Japanese submarines. I think you'll find the nested pair along that side to be JMSDF boats of the Oyashio class. You'll also notice that the configuration of their mooring lines is significantly different from that of the American boat alone at the north pier. I believe that's a 688i, not a Seawolf, because the brow seems to sit immediately forward of the sail. On a Seawolf, the sail slopes significantly at the bottom of the leading edge, which I would think precludes the brow sitting where it is. In any case, it's very hard to tell from this angle.

Keep up the good work!

MTC said...


You are not being a pedant. I could not figure out why the two subs moored on the U.S. side were so short. I hit the post button half-hoping someone would correct me.

Thank you.

MTC said...
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MTC said...


Whilst I have your attention, do you have an clue as to what the vessel at anchor mid-way between Oyama Misaki and Daichi no Hana (?) on the Nagaura Bay side could be?

REM said...

Afraid I don't. The color scheme reminds me of a Chinese ship, but I can't tell what it is.