Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Am Not Stupid

But George Wehrfritz thinks I am.

According to the website of his employer, George Wehrfritz is Newsweek's Hong Kong Bureau Chief/Asian Economics Correspondent and the magazine's former Beijing bureau chief. On occasion he plunks out a piece on Japan.

His article "Why Beijing Is In A Risky Place" examines the possibility of a depression-like severe economic downturn in China.

It is the cover article of Newsweek's Asia edition.

I find it awful...but that is not why I think George Wehrfritz thinks I am stupid.

He thinks that he can write a major magazine cover article on China, the most populous country on Earth, without interviewing a single Chinese person...and that I would not notice.

I did, Mr. Wehrfritz.

I did.

(That he thinks he can get away with not speaking to any women--they who hold up half the sky--either, when the cover photo of the print edition is a female worker covering her eyes in despair, is just beyond me.)

Off topic, I know--but reading this article on the Marunouchi Line this morning blackened my mood.

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