Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tarō Asō's Nightmarish Choices

Nakagawa Shōichi -- Mr. "Calm and Collected" -- for Finance Minister during the greatest global financial crisis since the Great Depression?

Hatoyama Kunio, everyone's consensus "Worst Minister Not Serving In The Ministry Of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries" of the last decade, returning to the Ministry of Law?

Wow, when Asō Tarō returns a favor, he returns a matter what the consequences could be for the country at large.

Looks to me like Francisco is handing out door prizes in advance of an immediate dissolution of the Diet.


Ken said...

Hatoyama might be up there, but don't forget about Naoto Kan and how badly he screwed up the pension system when minister of HLW!


Jan Moren said...

This is perfect, actually; a smart move I think. Aso needs to repay debts, give some favours, show some respect to older families. So he appoints people to fulfil those obligations - into an administration guaranteed to be dissolved in the election in Nivember, before any of the ministers have even had time to decorate their offices, to say nothing of actually having any effect on anything.

Then, even if he retains the prime minister post after the election, he can appoint the people he really wants.