Thursday, September 18, 2008

Could Someone Please Make Kyōdō News Items More Bland?

From the department of grossly insufficient reporting comes:

Bear attacks man in west Tokyo
Kyodo News

Alpinist Yasushi Yamanoi was seriously injured Wednesday by a bear while jogging in the mountains near his home in western Tokyo, police said.The 43-year-old climber, who has scaled the Himalayas and other peaks, sustained face and arm injuries before fleeing to a nearby home in Okutama.

The homeowner called an ambulance at around 7:30 a.m.The two bears involved in the incident near the Yamanashi Prefecture border were thought to be a mother and cub, police said.

The Environment Ministry said bear attacks are rare in Tokyo. The most recent, in 2006, was the only attack recorded since 2004.
Excuse me, but if you going to report that Yamanoi Yasushi was attacked by a bear, it is really not out of line to explain in detail who the hell he is, that all things considered he really does not have any more body parts to sacrifice to the mountain gods and that he somehow managed to get attacked by a bear within the confines of the Tokyo Metropolitan District, home of 13 million people, a year after the population of bears in Japan had been decimated by culling.

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