Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In the Eye of the Storm

With the world's financial systems going through their worst crises since the Great Depression, and the governments of the world's first and second largest economies functionally decapitated, it is hard to be jocular about the vagaries and quirks of Japanese politics.

I would like to say something about how the rumored absorption of the People's New Party into the Democratic Party of Japan is indicative of Ozawa Ichirō's preparation for a seizure of control of the House of Representatives, if only by a razor thin margin -- but that the sacrifices made for victory will stymie Ozawa's implementation of a reform agenda.

I would like say that I fail to see the point of Koizumi Jun'ichirō's vocal support of Koike Yuriko in the Liberal Democratic Party's presidential race. Is he signaling that he and his surviving followers are up for grabs, post-election? Or is this merely a vanity action, a final bit of theater for the press to dissect prior to the inevitable wipeout of all the urban district and bloc representatives he led to victory in 2005?

Somehow all the ongoing madness makes it difficult for even a policy nut to stay interested in the stream of petty gestures.

I feel like I am watching a cricket match during a typhoon.

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Anonymous said...

Or could it be that Mr. Koizumi actually cares for Ms. Koike?

And if you truly care for someone, you support, compliment, and defend them. You even take a few risks, because you believe.