Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer Fun

Wait, what does that sign say?

I have to agree, if I were to rate Hamazono Beach, the score would not be very high.


Spare a moment's thought this long summer holiday for the poor Liberal Democratic Party member of the House of Councillors--elected just one July ago.

He/she gets to go to all the party meetings. He/she has to attend all the party functions. In many cases he/she has to attend all faction meetings and functions.

Gets to go to restaurants with cronies and journalists to talk politics into wee hours.

Hang out with smoky-breathed supporters, some alive, some somewhat less than alive.

Campaign on behalf of other LDP members in the rain, in the sun, in the wind.

Go to the his or her Diet office to wait for the call to order...that never comes.

Bored out of their fricking minds, they must be.

In the last Diet their counterparts in the Democratic Party of Japan -- along with their bossom buddies the Socialists, Communists and People's New Party -- did stunningly little as well.

But the old adage goes something like this:

"It is no fun to have nothing to do. What is fun is to have something to do....and to then not do it."
And to think, it will be only five more years before the LDP has a decent chance, oh heck, any chance at recovering control of the House of Councillors...


I myself will be away for a few days, at some point one hopes sitting on the summit of Kita Dake, this blessed land's second highest mountain (3193m).


Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank the signwriter for the furigana because I'd not have read it right otherwise :-)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing, actually. I first thought the sign read, "The most unpopular (ninki no nai) beach in Japan" saying to myself -- why would anyone allow that graffiti on their building? Then I noticed the furigana and it finally made sense: "The most secluded (hitoke no nai) beach in Japan."

That I could believe...

Anonymous said...

I love your photos and your perspective! Thank you for your interesting messages.