Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Restaurant at the End of the Liberal Democratic Party

Oh, Amaterasu, no.

When I watched Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General Ibuki Bunmei do his imaginary tray and chopsticks routine late last year, I thought the performance a spur-of-the-moment attempt at illustration which had veered wildly out of his control.

It turns out that operating a traditional eatery is his template for living:

Current LDP Secretary General Bunmei Ibuki outshines others with a book displaying his cooking expertise.

Titled "Ibuki Tei Shikino Shokutaku" ("Four-Season Dining Table at Ibuki Inn"), the book is a compilation of essays on his cooking prowess and ideas on foods.
Get this man an apron...and get him out of the Secretary-General's office.



Jan Moren said...

Nice to see a career professional with a hobby for a change. Monomaniacal devotion to your work will make you and your work suffer for it.

But what is it with Aso's title? "とてつもない日本"? Am I the only one seeing a fair bit of overcompensation for something here? Or is there some moderating nuance I'm missing?

MTC said...

Herr morén -

No, you have got it right. It is overcompensation with three asterisks and an exclamation point.

None of that namby-pamby utsukushisa for old Francisco.