Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July's Song - "Marshmallow" live

A seriously twisted 2002 performance of Okuda Tamio's paen to obliviousness by a pickup supergroup featuring Okuda on drums (taking his consistent homage to Sir Paul McCartney a little too far, perhaps?) Yano Akiko (the former Mrs. Sakamoto Ryūichi - eight years in divorce court...no comment) on keyboards, the rather weird chanteuse Onuki Taeko and fairly normal Miyazawa Kazufumi (he who gave karaoke "Shima Uta") on guitars and the old man Suzuki Keiichi on bass.

Okuda sure loves Sixties musical motifs and moods. The weird thing? He was born in '65 -- he has no memories of the time.

June's song is“Marshmallow” performed by Okuda Tamio and friends, on YouTube here.

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