Thursday, June 19, 2008

Space Cadets, Banzai!

Quietly, and without any fuss, Fukuda Yasuo has appointed a Minister for Space.

In order to oversee the implimentation of the new law on the use of space, including military use, Minister of State for

Okinawa and Hokkaidō Policies,

Science & Technology,

People's Livelihood,

Regulation Reform

and Promotion of Administrative Reform for Consumers (I am not making this list up) Kishida Fumio -- who clearly has too few responsibilities, was named Minister for Space Development (Uchū Kaihatsu Tantō Tokumei Daijin) yesterday.

I wish Minister Kishida and his meishi printer my best.

Speaking of space, this is hilarious...and a neat demonstration of little-appreciated aspect of zero gravity life. The niggling matter of not working out the consequences of increased distances between two points reminds me of the disaster a few years back when JR East decided to raise the section of the Chuō Line running through Kan Naoto's district (of all districts, it would have to be Kan's district, wouldn't it?). Engineers forgot to calculate how long it would take to cross the railroads tracks if the distance between the fumikiri gates was doubled.

Hint - it takes about twice as long.

It was only by sheerest luck that nobody got killed.

Later - I see the Australians are keeping up with developments.

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