Friday, June 06, 2008

It's Just a Flesh Wound

Yesterday, former LDP Chairman of the Study Group on Fiscal Reform (and Democratic Party leader Ozawa Ichirō best friend) Yosano Kaoru told a Tokyo audience.

"One thing really I would not want to receive from Prime Minister Fukuda Yasuo is an election. If in a sudden panic we hold a election, then the necks of those of us hailing from Tokyo will be likely lined up and mowed down."*
This has been another edition of Yosano Kaoru bluntly tells folks the ugly facts of life.


* Original final phrase as quoted : 「東京出身の我々は首を並べて討ち死にする可能性が高い。」

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Jan Moren said...

A good turn of phrase. In earlier eras that would not have been a figure of speech, of course. Politics were certainly more robust a few hundred years ago.