Sunday, June 01, 2008

Re the redesign

Shisaku will be suffering some teething pains over the next few days as I fiddle with the various elements of the redesign. I apologize that the new template, a variant of Blogger's "Minima Lefty," seems to have problems acknowledging some simple formatting commands. In particular, it is refusing to return the main body of text to the default double spaced mode following the inclusion of a blockquote or a photograph.

Comments, suggestions and potential HTML fixes to the template are all welcome. Contact can be made either via the comments section or the new email address.

Later - Reader PW has mailed a snippet of HTML fixing the problem. All hail Reader PW!


Anonymous said...

hey, looks nice right now. no problems in firefox 3

Claytonian said...

I just redesigned too; it's like wrangling monkeys when doing stuff on blogger.