Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not so bad after all - the long road to putting Yongbyon out of commission

Ofttimes, if you don't panic and just pugnaciously stand your ground, crises can sort themselves out. The outcome may not be perfect...but experience teaches that holding out for perfection is the indulgence of adolescents and rich morons.

North Korea to Demolish Part of Yongbyon Nuclear Facility

A top South Korean official in the talks on North Korea's nuclear weapons program says Pyongyang will soon demolish part of its main nuclear facility, a symbolic gesture of its commitment to nuclear disarmament.

South Korean nuclear envoy Kim Sook says North Korea plans to demolish the cooling tower at its Yongbyon nuclear complex after it hands over a long awaited nuclear declaration.

Hopes have been rising recently that a months-long deadlock in negotiations will soon end. Earlier this month, North Korea handed over 18,000 pages of records for its Yongbyon reactor and reprocessing plant.

Last year, North Korea agreed to disable and dismantle its main nuclear complex under a deal reached with the United States, China, Japan, Russia and South Korea. In return North Korea was promised diplomatic incentives and energy aid...

So, let's see here--Japan comes out of this with:

- a strengthened Japan-U.S. security commitment

- a pair of missile defense systems, one of which actually seems to work against ballistic missiles (Hello Beijing! Howdy Taipei!)

- a regional consensus that the DPRK is an inexcusable mafioso regime and an overall pain-in-the-butt

- its living abductees back

- Article 9 still in force

and all without paying the $10 billion in in war reparations that everyone agreed Japan simply had to, had to, had to pay if the process were to go forward.

Sweet, really.

Now if the leadership in the Diet could get the Foreign Ministry's head wrapped around the idea of giving up the Liancourt Rocks (and before that, smack around the idiots in the Ministry of Education intent on messing up the Japan-ROK relationship only weeks after the inauguration of the most pro-Japanese ROK president in 30 years) then the strategic snatching of victory from the jaws of defeat would be complete.


Julián Ortega Martínez said...

(OFFTOPIC) Just to let you know that Abe Shinzō was here in Bogotá on Thursday. He came as part of a Japanese delegation (2008 marks the centenary of Colombia-Japan diplomatic relationships) to talk about "judicial certainty" or whatever that means, as well as Japanese investment in Colombia and the event agenda to celebrate the centenary. Amidst scandals, more scandals and weird news, no media in Colombia has mentioned it so far. I found out when checking the propaganda website of the Presidency (there are a couple of pics).

(Sorry for the spamming thing; I left this comment at Jun Okumura's blog too)


Anonymous said...

You had me until you presented Article 9 as a good thing.

Awakening Wind said...

brianakira -

A simple calculation of the costs Japan would have to incur in order to provide for its own security makes Article 9's value quite clear.

Anonymous said...


Is it not also a lie, since the Japanese military [oops, sorry, "SDF"]
is one of the best and best eqipped in Asia?

And doesn't it allow many Japanese people to wallow in the infantile delusion that they live in a world of love, peace and kindness?