Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Very Kind Of Them: Tokyo On Fire, Episode 10 - Nuclear Power in Japan

Nancy Snow was away two weeks ago, leaving Timothy Langley and me to carrying out a males-only exchange of views on Japan's nuclear reactor restarts, power plant siting issues, the Fukui injunction against the restart of the Takahama reactors, the US-Japan security relationship, the April local elections and the landing of a drone on the roof of the Prime Minister's Residence.

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Chris said...

I really enjoy and appreciate the show. However, to me the title is offensive, and unnecessarily so. There are plenty of other catchy names that could work. In any case, I realize you are not the host, but perhaps you could encourage Mr. Langley to revise the title if, upon reflection, you agree with my sentiment.

Carry on he good work. You are an invaluable resource to us "Japan watchers!"