Thursday, April 02, 2015

Very Kind Of Them #54 - Local Elections Edition

The latest installment of Langley Esquire's "Tokyo On Fire" series of YouTube videos/ITunes podcasts on burning issues in Japanese politics was an incredible gas to record. I was forever at the brink of talking way too much (Since when have you ever had a sense of proportion in matters pertaining to Japanese politics? - Ed.) but was pulled back by presenter Timothy Langley and fellow guest Dr. Nancy Snow.

Please check it out: Tokyo on Fire: Episode 8 - Japan's Local Elections

Two small errors:

1) I am an Adjunct Fellow, not Professor, at Temple University Japan's Institute for Contemporary Asian Studies, 

[Memo to Me, Memo to Me: compose announcement regarding changes along these lines for publication later]


2) I say at one point that 23% of prefectural and municipal assemblies have no women in them at all. That number is too high. The correct number is 21% of Japan's 1788 assemblies have no women members. (Link)

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