Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Very Kind Of Them #35

David Pilling delivers a huge thumbs up to the post of December 6. (Link

Best not tell Professor Noah Smith of Stonybrook. He asked over Twitter what alternatives Japan had. I told him Abenomics done in an integrated way.

As for the article, I disagree with Professor Gerald Curtis (see him at the FCCJ on December 15) who says the two party system has fallen apart. I see a great deal of hope down the line, in two years' to three year's time.

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Gill said...

Thanks for the updates of talks in Tokyo.
I'd really like to go to this. Unfortunately, I was told quite harshly last time I booked as a non-member, "This is the first and last time."
Perhaps I'll see you at Temple on Thursday?
Enjoying your blog, as ever.