Wednesday, July 02, 2014

What The Third Arrow Always Needed Was A Soundtrack

Sadly, I can so see Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and First Bro Seko Hiroshige holed up in the PM's office at the Kantei, air guitaring to the arpeggios and grimacing while playing imaginary synths.

Rock on, courtesy the Prime Minister's Residence.

Yes voters of Japan, someone, perhaps a whole gaggle of individuals, got paid to put together this video celebration of the Prime Minister's growth strategy.

Your tax yen at work.

I have to admit, I am torn. I cannot tell which scene I like better: robosuit-assisted Abe lifting up an unidentified object and putting it back down again to no purpose...or the sudden almost dead stillness of a uniformed Abe driving the tea leaf harvester.


ArmchairAsia said...

Oh come now, it is Abe eating watermelon that wins hands down.

Japan is back baby!

SM said...

Don't forget the dazed tourists dragooned into the PM's ad! (I can see the thought bubble..."All I wanted was tempura and Kirin beer, and the Japanese PM shot me with his third arrow.")

Unknown said...

Maybe the video is a bit cheesy. But at least it has a positive feeling to it.
I think that, whether based in reality or not, Japan can use some positive economic news for once in a few decades.