Monday, March 03, 2014

Where The Wind Blows

Michael Penn thinks out loud and clearly about the right of this spring. (Link)

As for the drop-dead fantastic photo image at the head of the piece, what matters Hitler to them, or them to Hitler?

Oh, in case you did not catch it, the donor of the 137 books on The Diary of Anne Frank to the Tokyo Central Library, to be distributed to the libraries which lost books to vandals, is one Sugihara Chiune. He lives, evidently -- staff at the Central Library got to speak with "Mr. Sugihara" on the telephone. Reports of his death in 1986 appear to have been exaggerated. (Link - J)

Unsurprsingly, there are now reports that among the 300+ copies of "Anne Frank's 'Diary' and related works" with pages ripped out are books primarily on Sugihara. Upsetting this is to folks in Gifu. (Link - J video)

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