Sunday, March 02, 2014

Being In The Right State Of Mind

I have been willing to suspend judgment. I have been willing to view Eien no Zero's box office appeal (Link) as merely being just another iteration of a once-in-decade phenomena, seen last with Otokotachi no Yamato (Link - video). I was willing to accept the 610,000 votes retired general Tamogami Toshio received in the Tokyo Metropolitan governor's race as the by-product of the Liberal Democratic Party's continuing inability to field a candidate for the post, a base level contempt for politics and a somnolent and therefore complicit press.

However, even I have to admit "This time it may be different" when the magazine display area at the entrance of the Book Express outlet at Ueno Station has literally front and center multiple stacked copies of paranoid revisionist drivel publication WiLL (Link) with cheerful handwritten signs extolling its virtues.

In Ueno Station, alongside all the panda junk!

A small plea: if anyone is passing by or through Ueno today, please grab photo imaages of the whole storefront and the display, as I was not in a position yesterday to stop and take the shots.


Ἀντισθένης said...

The usual reaction of a society in decline is to look outwards for blame, rather than at the leaders who brought it to it. Whether it's wilful ignorance on the part of the populace, cynical manipulation by the vested interests, or the likelihood of both, "a pox on both [their] houses."

I finally watched 'Children of Men' which I recommend as a metaphorical documentary on Japan, where it's begun outside of the centre of Kanto.

Philippe Valdois said...

The following article about comfort women was published in a magazine from the same publishing company as Will. This should give your readers who do not read Japanese a clear idea of what kind of ideology is promoted by this publisher: