Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shoe, Meet Other Foot

A U.S. Navy SEALs-adoring, English speaking Japanese by the name of Sato is trolling the prime minister's Facebook page (Link - J) this morning, leaving comments all over the place, calling the PM a traitor, commanding the PM to fall into Hell if Mr. Abe does not order Japan's (non-existent) special forces teams to slip into North Korea and retrieve all the abducted Japanese held there right now.

Mr. Prime Minister, I hope this clarifies the point that the "leftists" you have heretofore so publicly despised (Link) are the very least of your problems.

While we are on the subject of reporting by Yuka Hayashi, please check out her story on Tokyo Metropolitan District Governor Inose Naoki's submergence of his mourning for his wife in order to lead the TMD's successful bid for the 2020 Olympics (Link).

I have long praised Inose's commitment to change and accountability in government. To this I must now add a dedication to the role of leader beyond the call of duty. He is clearly as self-sacrifing a public servant as has ever graced a government office in this blessed land.

Not bad for a non-politician/non-bureaucrat, an author of non-fiction books on infrastructure spending and literary biographies.

To his wife, whose sudden death this summer was kept quiet until after the dust settled in Buenos Aires, I can say naught but requiescat in pacem.

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