Monday, May 27, 2013

Please Stop It, You're Creepin' Me Out

Here's an image to stop the heart of anyone skeptical of the Liberal Democratic Party's commitment to liberalism and democracy.

The members of the LDP's Education Revitalization Committee presenting their ideas for education reform to Prime Minister Abe Shinzo on May 23. (Link)

Just one look at the smile of satisfaction on the the face of ecstatic revisionist Yamatani Eriko and you know this is going to turn out badly.

Oh, the proposals likely include some deceptively reformist-sounding provisions like serious study of the possibility of changing the start of the tertiary school year to September, this in order to bring the scholastic calendar of this blessed land in line with Euro-American norms. Until now such internalization provisions have been window-dressing, however; distractions to occupy the time and minds of domestic critics and foreign observers, leaving the real, ideological and institutional subventions under-examined.

Not that there is much anyone can do in response save withdraw into a life of contemplation and the cultivation of radishes. Come August, after the LDP wins the majority of seats in the House of Councillors, there will be no way, constitutional or otherwise, to stop the revisionists from transforming their fantastic desires into law.

Image courtesy: Prime Minister's Residence

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