Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Come On Down. Really.

Is there an economics paper that could explain the pricing strategies described here?

Midweek frozen food sales (personal note: I steer clear of the frozen foods section) make sense as a strategy for drawing in mid-week shoppers, reducing crowding on the weekends. However, Uniqlo's holding of sales on weekends, when the stores would be most crowded anyway, flies in the face of logic, unless drawing in even more folks somehow maximizes the employment of contractual, part time sales staff who are around only on the weekends.

Of course, if the goal is to clear off shelf space occupied by unsuccessful that does not seem to work out either.

As for bureaucrats trying to save us from being taken in by sales prices off of what are imaginary suggested retail prices, one would think that our civil servants had better ways of deploying their talents and authority.

One would think that, yes.

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