Friday, April 19, 2013

Representing A Foreign Presence

Just a few days ago someone asked me what former Defense Minister and Liberal Democratic Party General Council Chair Koike Yuriko (7 elections to the Diet) was doing these days.

Ostensibly, she's...

...serving her second stint as bureau chief of the LDP Public Affairs Bureau...

...representing Tokyo District #10 again, after a cycle in the proportional section...

...and getting appointed an outside director to Renault. (Link - J)

Sacré bleu!

In the United States of America the incipient appointment would be seen as so very likely to be illegal that no company would give it half a thought, even without remuneration or transportation subsidy -- the conditions under which Koike says she will serve.

In France and in this blessed land? Taking in the officials of ruling political parties as advocates of the interests of shareholders? Obviously not so much of a problem.

Later - For an English language report from Kyodo News via The Japan Times, click here.

Later still - The Wall Street Journal's always excellent JapanRealTime blog catches up with Koike. She tells JRT she has little idea why she has been invited to join the Renault board. (Link)

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