Friday, April 26, 2013

Dead, Again

Just two months after a last round of executions and only four months into his term, Minister of Justice Law Tanigaki Sadakazu signed off on the hangings this morning of two former gang members, both of whom were convicted of committing a double murder in April 2005. (Link)

The reason why the crime was so heinous: the convicted killed their victims by inviting them to a family-style (no, not that kind of family) restaurant and opening fire. (Link - J)

Guns in a place where families go to give Mom a break...bad, bad, bad.

With these executions, the number of persons left on death row is 134.

Later - Yes, I do note the timing of these executions. I recall at least one previous instance of a Liberal Democratic Party minister of justice law "clearing his desk" prior to a string of national holidays.

Image courtesy: Mainichi Shinbun

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Ludwig Zillermann said...

I wonder if Tanigaki or anyone of the "pro capital punishment"-group among japanese politicians has seen Nagisa Ohshima's "Kôshikei" :-/