Monday, August 29, 2011

The Speeches Part 3 - Thank You NHK!

As Minister of Agriculture. Forestry and Fisheries and final candidate Noda Michihiko waxes ineloquent on the plight of those caught in the triple disaster of March 11, the NHK producer decides to do some crowd reaction shots.

Focus in on Prime Minister Kan Naoto: he has both eyes closed. Then, as if he senses the caress of the camera on him, he opens one eye, looking about with suspicion.

Focus in on former prime minister Hatoyama Yukio: he is slumped over his seat, out like light.

Focus in on party Secretary-General Okada Katsuya: eyes closed, stressed.

Focus in on party fixer and Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Sengoku Yoshito: eyes closed, a placid look on his face.

Focus in on DPJ leader in the House of Councillors Koshiishi Azuma: someone with his eyes open! Perhaps the courtesy of one senior citizen to another.

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