Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Problems Solving Themselves?

Unification in sight?
Taiwan to Build US$178 Million Bridge to Mainland

Feb. 9 – Taiwan has approved plans to build a bridge from the Taiwan-held Kinmen group of islands to the mainland reflecting improving relations between the two...
Well, I guess with peace and brotherhood breaking out across the Taiwan Strait, the Futenma/Henoko base controversy is pretty much moot, the Marines on Okinawa now being unnecessary for...wait...you have something to say, Agence France Press?
Taiwan to build bridge off China

TAIPEI — Taiwan on Monday gave the green light for building a bridge between two small islands that it controls off China, in what officials called a first step towards connecting the islets with the mainland.

A bridge linking the Taiwan-held Kinmen group of islands with China would be a powerful symbol of improved ties between Taipei and Beijing, as the area is so far best known as the scene of their bloodiest battle in the past 60 years.

That prospect has now moved closer with the decision by Taiwan's Council for Economic Planning and Development to approve the 5.3-kilometre (3.3-mile) bridge from Kinmen proper to neighbouring Little Kinmen.

"The bridge that has now been approved can be seen as a part of the project to connect with the mainland," Kinmen county magistrate Lee Wuo-tu told reporters.

The bridge will cost 5.7 billion Taiwan dollars (178 million US dollars) and is expected to be completed by 2016...

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