Wednesday, February 03, 2010

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I have to laugh sometimes at the low hanging comedic fruit.
Mahatma’s teachings echo in Japanese Parliament
The Hindu

NEW DELHI: Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama invoked the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi during his policy speech at the 174th session of the Japanese Parliament, Diet, to outline the challenges facing Japanese society and the path to their amelioration.

Beginning the speech by narrating the seven social sins inscribed at the Raj Ghat, Mr. Hatoyama confessed that he was struck by how Mahatma Gandhi’s words “incisively” pointed to the problems facing Japan and the world today. The moment he stood before the Gandhi memorial, he resolved to begin his government’s major policy speech by narrating the seven social sins listed by the Mahatma...
The words of the Mahatama were not the only things echoing in the Diet. According to press reports, Prime Minister Hatoyama’s reading of the first two of Mahatma Gandhi’s Seven Social Sins – “Politics without Principle” and “Wealth without Work” -- led to a chorus of catcalls from the Liberal Democratic Party side of the chamber of “Hey! That’s you!” and “Pay the taxes!” –- the second shoutout being a reference to the gift taxes owed on the donations made by Hatoyama’s mother to the PM’s political fund organization.

Parliamentary democracy does not get any better.

Click on the title above to read to complete article from The Hindu…and since you are culturally sensitive readers you are not going to titter at the surname of the article’s author. The chief minister of Delhi has exactly the same name.

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