Friday, January 30, 2009

The LDP in 30 seconds

Beware the writer who, upon a review of the current splits, divisions, backtracking, prime ministerial fumblings about, betrayals of principle and screams leaking out from behind locked doors, declares:

"The Liberal Democratic Party does not know what it stands for anymore."

This is false.

The members of the LDP know exactly what the party stands for. It stands for what the party has always stood for:

Winning elections.

Which is precisely why the party is thrashing about and coughing up blood right now.


Anonymous said...

you are exactly right, as usual

MTC said...

Anonymous -

"Exactly right, as usual" - Gosh, I wish I were that good.

But no.

"Basically on the right track better than 50% of the time and flat out wrong sometimes, too," would be about as far as I would push it.