Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Always So Polite

The weekly magazines may not terribly good sources of information*...but they are invaluable sources for indigenous mean-spirited snark. This week's Sunday Mainichi has succinct synopsis on its promotional page of what writers and editors, when behaving badly, will let slip.

(Time sensitive -- so be snappy!)

"Sure, the prime minister is a Idiot #1 when it come reading Chinese characters," the blurb teases, "but there are all kinds of hopeless cases in the Diet, each with his or her own special area of inexpertise."

The Sunday Mainichi winners from among Japan's easily identifiable politicians, and the special categories in which they have conspicuously failed to distinguish themselves?

Democratic Party star Nagatsuma Akira for Public Debating Skills

Former Prime Minister Mori Yoshirō for Judging Where the Political Winds Are Blowing

Rebel Watanabe Yoshimi for Male Hotness

Hellraiser Tanaka Makiko for Fashion Sense

Wandering bird Koike Yuriko for Karaoke Singing

[Warning: above link features an extreme Photoshop disaster - results may injure your eyes and/or -- if you like Koike-san as much as I do -- your heart]

Noda Seiko and Obuchi Yūko (tied) for Knowing Her Limit Regarding Alcohol Consumption

[Ah c'mon guys! So the girls knock back a few...give some consideration to the kind of district each of them represents, will ya?]

Yamamoto Ichita for Blogging.


Mean, mean, mean (and pretty damn sexist) stuff...prominently displayed on every train, subway, kiosk and outlet for printed material, all over the country.

So, you wanna run for a House of Representatives seat?

* I have previously stated that those claiming they check the weeklies for "the real story about what is going on in Japan" are, to put it mildly, insane.

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