Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Starting Off With A Bang

You can always count on Aso Tarō to put on a show.

Yesterday Aso paid his formal respects (!) to House of Councillors Speaker Eda Satsuki. Eda, a member of the Democratic Party of Japan (his membership suspended during his term of service as Speaker), used the opportunity of the visit to prod the new Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General into thinking about holding a House of Representatives election sometime soon, telling him that "the LDP has lost touch with the feelings of the people."

To which Aso replied only has he can:


"Looking at history one finds examples where the result of 'the ruling party's having lost touch with the feelings of the people' was the seizure of power by parties like the Nazis."

There you have it. Your LDP, the last bulwark against like the Nazis taking power.

Oh Francisco, how we have missed you!

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Anonymous said...

Did nobody shout "Godwin's law"? A missed opportunity, surely.