Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fires in the night sky

The night quiet is ripped apart by the thuds of a nearby fireworks display. Even with the windows closed the sound is startlingly loud.

Upsettingly so.

It is very hard to write about the discombobulated Nagatachō political calendar or take pleasure from televised Olympic competition as war sets Georgia alight.

It is painful to think that there is nothing anyone can do to force a pause in the escalation of the conflict...and it seems naive to believe that not responding to Russia's disproportionate counterattack will not have repercussions.

Night sky over Minato-ku
July 27, 2008
Photo: MTC


OperationNorthwoods said...

I suppose this is debatable, but it seems that the Georgians have killed a lot more civilians than the Russians have, at least so far. So I would submit that the Russians have shown much greater restraint than, say, Cheney would have.

David said...

Thank goodness for the UN. I expect them to step in and solve this problem soon. If not them, perhaps some country other than the US will. Or am I dreaming?

MTC said...

david -

Sadly, with Russia as a Permanent Member of the Security Council, the UN can do nothing.

It will up to bold and gutsy leaders to stop the violence. Whom it is that could be I do not know.