Sunday, January 20, 2008

A momentary lapse into reason

It happens once on a blue moon, but it does happen--Ampontan (William Sakovich) writes a well-researched and level-headed post on the gasoline tax debate.

Skip over the initial extended non-sequitur on Economics and Fiscal Policy Economics Minister Ōta Hiroko...

(I have reason to believe Minister Ōta suffers from a lack of support. When asked by an interviewer from the Nihon Keizai Shimbun why the Nordic countries, with their generous social welfare systems and aging populations, have avoided economic stagnation and staggering debt, her response was that that their populations are small making it easier for the citizens to keep tabs on their governments's spending. )

...and start at "Two Gas Station Bills in Row." Sakovich thereafter explains with clarity and detail the motivations and plans of the various actors.

Why can Mr. Sakovich not do this more often?

Note: The title above comes from a remark by Tobias Harris, commenting on an August 13, 2007 Ampontan post on the Democratic Party.

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