Thursday, January 17, 2008

Acquiring carnal knowledge...

...of themselves is what Democratic Party of Japan leader Ozawa Ichirō suggests those who might criticize him on his failure to stay in Diet chambers and cast a ballot in the revote on the New Special Measures Law do.

Or something like that.

Please, please, please--cannot some news organization offer an English-language account of Ozawa's display of unrepentant douchebaguery? Otherwise the outside world will have difficulty understanding what went wrong when the DPJ manages to blow a sure thing once again.

Asked about DPJ deputy leader Hatoyama Yukio's act of saying "I must offer an apology to the people," Ozawa refused to be drawn in, saying, "I have no idea what Mr. Hatoyama has said."
Hatoyama apologizes for Ozawa on the Sunday talk shows. Ozawa returns the favor by tossing Hatoyama under the bus.

Leadership...its all about thinking what's best for the team.

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