Thursday, December 13, 2007

Japan Economy Watch - a group blog

I was hoping (dreaming, expecting) that some folks were blogging on the Japanese economy from a rigorous, academic standpoint (though he is doing a hell of a job, Ken Worsley cannot do everything).

It seems that the someones I have been hoping for are Claus Vistesen, Edward Hugh and Scott Petersen of Japan Economy Watch (Please, please, please ignore the acronym--why didn't you listen to me?)

If memory serves, the trio orbit within the Roubini-Setser-Calculated Risk (i.e. - "sane") sector of the economic blogging universe--some portals into which are in the column on the right.

That Mr. Vistensen is all of 22 years old of course makes my eyes water.


Jun Okumura said...

So you're not responsible for "Jewish-American Princess" either?

Sure. I bet.

MTC said...

Mr. Okumura -

Fearful symmetry in those two acronyms, I agree.

Responsible am I?