Saturday, December 01, 2007

December Song - Koko de kisu shite

1998: Shīna Ringo falls from out of the sky and proceeds scare the living daylights out of everybody.

Maybe it was the debut fashion doll as corpse thing.

Maybe it was the adult video fantasy nurse breaking through glass thing, with the gratuitous out of control lesbian love scene.

Or the Kurt Cobain - "Heart Shaped Box" homage with bonus decolletage.

Maybe it was the way she gave multiple personality disorder patients a run for their money.

But mostly it was the collision of Gary Oldman, Rickie Lee Jones, Winona Ryder and Led Zeppelin in her third single and video "Koko de kisu shite" that blew the minds of a failure-frazzled nation.

The Song for December in the column on the right can be found here.

Later - Hmmm....the embed is unstable. Until such time as I figure out what is going wrong with Blogger (you may note that half of the header image has disappeared too) we will have to do with an active link to the You Tube recording Fixed it.

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Anonymous said...

Great song! Shiina Ringo seems to be one of the most versatile and “dynamic” artists that is in the mainstream Jpop/Jrock realm. Her drive to push off in different directions, whether it’s solo or her recent work fronting Tokyo Jihen, makes her really stand-out against the running backdrop of agency-molded personas that make the rounds on the music show circuit. Her recent musical contributions for the movie Sakuran is also pretty neat.