Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yet another mind in disorder

From tonight's news, a new low in the Moriya Takemasa story.

A former underling of former Defense Ministry Vice Minister Moriya, when asked about where he "invested" (Moriya's word, not mine) 40 million yen that Moriya had handed him 10 years ago, requested a little time to "put his memory in order" regarding what he had done with the money.

Moriya purportedly explained to the underling that the 40 million was part of the profit from a sale of forest land in Miyazaki Prefecture (ah, all those trees in Miyazaki). In fact, the 40 million was a kickback from defense comprador company Yamada Yōkō, 80% of 50 million yen Yamada Yōkō had embezzled from the government for services never rendered to GSDF forces serving as a part of peacekeeping forces in the Golan Heights.

Yes, the embarrassing Golan Heights dispatch...where the GSDF's contribution is washing the laundry of all the other UN peacekeepers.

Of course, this latest round of revelations of the depths of Moriya's corruption will in no way impact the schedule of the Indian Ocean dispatch bill in the House of Councillors.

Not with Moriya set to testify in the Diet again tomorrow.

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