Friday, November 09, 2007

At long last

The Economist has a competent writeup of the current state of political turmoil.

However, one sentence and theme in the text is no longer operative: two months after the opening of the current extraordinary session, the Diet
has finally passed its first law, a reform of the regulations governing the post-natural disaster disbursement of housing reconstruction and housing acquisition aid.

You see, the LDP and the DPJ can get along.

The Diet also voted today to extend the extraordinary session by 35 days. If the gentleladies and gentlemen could pick up their pace a bit , they might even manage to pass yet another law before the session peters out in December.

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Jan Moren said...

Well, to be a little snarky, LDP and DPJ can get along just fine because they are so very similar you could switch one for the other and nobody would even notice. The DPJ is effectively just another LDP fraction.

It's not really "opposition" when the policy is identical to the ruling party, is it?