Thursday, June 28, 2007

Intellectual Poverty

There 127 million people in Japan--and these mush brains choose a Peruvian caudillo under house arrest in Chile as their candidate?

Fujimori to Run in Japan's Upper House Elections

By Sachiko Sakamaki -- Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori, under house arrest in Chile, will run in next month's elections for Japan's upper house of parliament.

Fujimori, who holds Japanese as well as Peruvian citizenship, will run for a proportional representation seat with the People's New Party, he said by phone from Santiago at a press conference at party headquarters in Tokyo...

How far beyond the normal bounds of embarrassment must one be to even come up with such an idea?

Wait a minute, who made the announcement in Tokyo?

People's New Party leader Shizuka Kamei said he hopes Fujimori will use his experience and knowledge to help Japan.

Oh, that far beyond the normal bounds of embarrassment.

He "hopes Fujimori will use his experience to help Japan"...hope is not a plan, Kamei-san (How can Kamei Hisaoki, who is hands down the most plainly decent human being of all the party leaders in the Diet, and Kamei Shizuka, the most plainly indecent one [pax, Suzuki Muneo] be in the same microparty--and not be related?)

Maybe the Kokumin Shintō hopes Fujimori will bring his ample experience of uncovering and eradicating radical terrorists groups to the task of...oh, gosh, may be smoking out the fugitive leadership of Aum Shinrikyō(those chalk portraits displayed at all the kōban are getting old).

And given the current state of Japanese politics, Fujimori's old sidekick Vladimiro (Here, Take the Money...You Cannot Refuse) Montesinos could be the most feared and respected seiji hisho ever.

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