Tuesday, June 05, 2007

For folks who could never stop...

...railing about all the terrible, shallow and duplicitous tricks he pulled on the Japanese people, the sports newspapers are sure giving former prime minister Koizumi Jun'ichiro a whole lot of respect.

The one-step above toilet paper rags are speculating that the powers-that-be inside the LDP--terrified at the plummeting Abe Cabinet poll numbers--have swallowed their considerable pride and turned to Koizumi to go forth and work some of his electoral magic one more time to save the party in July.

Oh, c'mon.

Koizumi is campaigning for Kawaguchi Junko Yoriko--and that's all he is doing.

He owes her big time. Kawaguchi was one his most loyal, self-sacrificing and competent lieutenants. After the chaotic reign of Tanaka Makiko, Kawaguchi pulled the unruly elements of the bureaucracy back into line while maintaining an air of quiet dignity about her. It was Kawaguchi's hard work and dedication that made it possible for Koizumi to play the artless and blithe bon vivant on the foreign stage.

Another reason Koizumi is stumping for her is to fight off questions about her health and vitality. Kawaguchi is trying to recover from Guillain-Barré Syndrome. It is amazing that she is running for a 6-year term. From the statements at the reception, it seems she will likely have to do some of her campaigning from a wheelchair.

Koizumi also knows how to play a good political angle. Kawaguchi, prior to taking over for Tanaka, was briefly Minister of the Environment. Koizumi senses that the environmental story is a winner over the long term--so he is shamelessly plugging Kawaguchi's brief association with it.

Kawaguchi is also one of the Koizumi Kidz, albeit one 66 years old. She won her seat in a 2005 by-election held concurrently with the House of Representatives landslide. Of the top 12 candidates on the LDP party slate for the July elections, she is the only one not the member of any faction.

Finally, love him or loathe him, you have to admit...he knows how to treat a lady who gave of her all for him.

Courtesy: Sankei Sports


Anonymous said...

That's Yoriko Kawaguchi, MTC.

(And Mr. Koizumi leaves the barn door wide open, saying he'll only campaign for candidates who supported Post Office privatization.)

This is Junko.

Excess Information said...

I have to admit, I don't read the sport newspapers (and probably should).
But my impression was that they adored Koizumi (at least, they did in the early stages - I recall some initial euphoric interviews in 2001).
What newspapers are you thinking of?
Did they turn against him?
What about in Sept 2006?