Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Space Oddity

A prurient trifle, but I have always refered to the AVEX merchandising supernova Hamasaki Ayumi as "the Alien".

From the title of an article in this week Shūkan Bunshun, it seems that I am not alone in thinking her extraterrestrial:


Here is Hamasaki Ayumi
(the katakana assessment tatooed to her torso is not mine)

Here is your garden variety Roswell crash survivor.

"How to do your eyes up in Ayu's 'like a Martian's' style" indeed.

By the way, since when does Shukan Bunshun offer articles on makeup application techniques?

Speaking of the perception and visual consumption of the female form, this recent post at Néomarxisme speculates upon the socioeconomic role playing origins for the recent ghastly intensification of paedophilic imagery in popular culture as reflected in reverse by a recent contrarian issue of Brutus magazine.

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