Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Something nice...

...for a change.

Some rather smart individuals seem to have put a concerted effort into producing a remarkable series of essays for the third number of Asia Policy (the page with links to all the PDF files can be found here).

I have so far only read only the special essay by Kenneth Pyle and Dr. Michael Green's contribution to the Roundtable on Northeast Asian security. I have been impressed by the quality of the thinking and the writing. (I may not care for Dr. Green's choice of introductory metaphors but cannot complain about his conscientious approach). Even from this very small sample I can tell that reading the entire publication is going to be a treat.

I very much look forward to finding out what Richard Samuels, Kenneth Lieberthal and the others have to say.

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Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Smart Guy, maybe next time one of those articles will be yours. Flirting with being a critic can only get you so far.