Wednesday, November 08, 2006

De Re Today

It is clear Amaterasu hates me, but in a nice way:

米中間選挙の開票進む 下院で民主党勝利

2006.11.08 - 米中間選挙は7日に投票が行われ、投票が先に締め切られた東部各州から開票が始まった。民主党が共和党の上下両院支配に終止符を打つかが焦点で、同党が上院で現在の議席数に6議席、下院で15議席をそれぞれ上積みすれば過半数の議席を獲得するが、下院では12年ぶりに民主党支配が確実となった。

I am a registered Democrat AND I do not I guess tonight I'll just have to go wild and order TWO oolong cha's.

That buzzing in the air you hear? Ahhh, methinks t'is the unseemly hum of 100,000 shredders shredding.

With the certainty that a herd of Democratic Party dinosaurs, many with antediluvian and decidedly less-than-flattering views about Japan, will be getting their hands on the gavels of the various committees of the House of Representatives...

Yes, I am talking about you, Representative Tom Lantos! The only Holocaust survivor in Congress and the senior Democrat on the House Committee on International Relations! Congressman "How do you say, 'Chinese and Korean slave laborers, mistreated POWs and comfort women in blunt Japanese?'"

... how long does Nakagawa Hidenao dare wait before sucking it up, rubbishing diplomatic protocol and calling in to congratulate the Madame Speaker-Elect?

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