Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ripples in the waters, the tide turns

There, after broadcasting a video collage of the Prime Minister getting hammered in Diet interpellations by Okada Tatsuya and others, the first little glimmer of sympathy from Furutachi Ichiro:

"Gee, the Prime Minister sure had no spark today."

"Well," replied the commentator, "With the livedoor incident, the beef importation affair, the Huser-Aneha affair and the Defense Agency collusion scandal the LDP has scored four own goals over the first month of the year."


Now if tomorrow morning Mino Monta shakes himself awake from the high authoritarian paternalistic dudgeon he has been floundering in since his release from the hospital, then maybe we can start seeing some of the populist bounce back in the PM's step.

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