Friday, February 24, 2006

Oh, now they tell us

Last night the executive committee of the Democratic Party refused to approve the sudden resignation of Nagata Hisayasu, bogus email procurer, destroyer of his party's credibility and unwilling savior of the Koizumi Cabinet's collective behinds. The party's leadership instead urged Nagata to take a few days off, rest and recover. Then they will can him.

Nagata has since checked himself into a hospital for his own safety for exhaustion.

The email episode and its aftermath have exposed a secret everyone on the inside of Nagata-cho seems to have known for years:

Nagata is a loon.

Check out this video of the Diet Foreign Affairs Committee meeting of July 22, 2005. Nagata is seated just behind the speaker's right shoulder.

I do not know whether or not his actions qualify as criminal abuse of public documents. They certainly do make it difficult to concentrate on what Socialist representative Tomon Mitsuko is saying.

I cannot get over the initial look of bliss on his face, then the furtive glances to the left and to the right to see if anyone is watching.

This morning's newscasts had whole "greatest hits" packages of Nagata video. Seriously weird and out-of-control stuff.

Which begs the question: why were we not shown these compilations earlier?

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