Friday, June 04, 2010

A Very Few Final Words on the Hatoyama Premiership

A pair of quotes I collected in May that I thought appropriate as introductions for a post about Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio's climbdown from his promise to move the elements of the U.S. Marines Corps at MCAS Futenma to a location outside of Okinawa. With the Hatoyama Era coming to a close today, I might as well dump the quotes out of the box:

In foreign policy, to be called "Liar!" is the most disgraceful thing of all.

- Ozawa Ichiro *

Virtue is respected only when it is backed by power; power without virtue is disastrous; but virtue without power is helpless.

- Raj Krishna **

That's all for the next few hours...

* Ozawa Ichiro, Ozawizumu: kokozashi o mote, Nihonjin (Ozawaism: Have an Aim, People of Japan). Tokyo: Shueisha. 2006. p. 158. Author's translation.

** Raj Krishna, "India and the Bomb," India Quarterly, 21, no. 2 (April- June, 1965).
Reference from Michael Krepon, "Exceptional India" at Arms Control Wonk (April 20, 2010) []

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