Wednesday, October 01, 2008

With My Last Breath, I Spit at Thee

A Yoimuri Weekly headline posted up in the subway that is probably warming the cockles of Okumura Jun's heart:

"Hosuto, spirichauaru, Koizumi-san -- 'Hito wa naze damasareru no ka?'"

"Male escorts, spiritualists, Mr. Koizumi -- 'Why do people let themselves be fooled?'"
Yep, the celebrated Mr. K is on a level with the beautiful boys pouring drinks for ladies of means and those who claim communication links with the spirit world.

Looks like Yomiuri Newspaper Group Chairman Watanabe Tsuneo (here -- no wait, sorry, here) will never forgive former Prime Minister Koizumi Jun'ichirō, Mr. K having told the nefarious and notorious meddler to keep his pointed beak out of politics and just report the news.

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