Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Instant Karma

On the heels of the media's gleeful bashfest of Prime Minister Asō Tarō for his propensity to unwind every night at pricey hotel eateries and bars...and Nisshin Corporation's recent recall of of its products due to possible pesticide contamination, Democratic Party of Japan member of the House of Councillors Makiyama Hiroe (Kanagawa Prefecture) could not resist going for a two-fer in Diet interpellations yesterday, testing the Prime Minister's recently expanded knowledge of prices of consumer goods by asking him a question to die for: "How much do you think a 'Cup Noodle' package costs?"

The PM, hemming and hawing, replied:


"Well, when Nisshin first put out the product, I thought is was fantastically cheap. Back then it was several tens of yen. I guess it's about 400 yen now, what?"

Oh, purportedly-out-of-touch-with-the-less-well-off Francisco! Not exactly right. Not even close.

The average cost is 170 yen.

But don't make things worse by saying anything like...

「そんなにしない? 私、最近自分で買ったことないので」

"That's all it is? Guess it's because I have not bought them myself for a while."

Oh, Francisco! Way to lose the convenience store-lurking, living-surrounded-by-empty-plastic-food-containers Akihabara otaku vote!

And oh yes, it is The Asahi Shimbun that is making a big deal out of this exchange.

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