Thursday, January 29, 2015

Very Kind Of Them #41, #42 And #43 - The Videos

A tidying up post, thanking some folks who were so kind as to ask me to express myself on camera.

The first is one Temple University Japan, which allowed me to give a public address on January 9, exactly one calendar since my last testing the bounds of good taste and common sense. It was a chance to redeem myself or at least make fewer glaring errors in projection.

Yes I know, I do suffer from intense stage fright. What gives it away?

Seriously, I look like one of the cheetahs in the glass enclosure at Tama Zoological Park.

The Slideshare slideshow for the presentation is seriously spare but possibly provides important visual anchor points.

Further back, just before the election, the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan teamed me up with the insider's insider, Toshikawa Takao, in a pre-election prognostication fest. My performance is typically annoying and tame but Toshikawa-san offers a highly quotable, hair-on-fire predictions about Abe Shinzo after the election.

Yes, the hair-on-fire thing would not work for me.

Finally, Stephane Carrer produced a news segment on the results of the December 15 election Stephane Carrer who has a series Pianeta Giappone on the Il Sole 24 Ore website, wherein he catches me in the hallway at the FCCJ. Luckily, Carrer includes in his report less visually distressing bits with Gerald Curtis, Okumura Jun and Sebastian Maslow offering their always intelligent commentary.

Hmmm...I am no great shakes in the looks department under normal circumstances, but wow, I even more scarily unattractive when viewed from below.

Thanks to all for forbearance and for an opportunity to speak.

Later - Many thanks to Italian reader Massimo for the correction in the above.

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Massimo said...

Hi Michael, I'm an italian follower of your blog since July 2014. You wrote "Planeta Giappone", the title of a series on Il sole 24 ore (literally The Sun 24h a day"), but the actual name of the series is "Pianeta Giappone" not "Planeta Giappone".
Greetings from Italy and good luck for everything!